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Mrs. Jarvie

English 12

October 17, 2011

Greek Mythology

Introduction :

The meaning of heroes in Greek mythology
Heroes in Greek culture are literacy symbols that give better explanation about an idea that the writer wants them to know through the heroes. Usually heroes in the culture are human beings who suffer through their life however they have supernatural power which helps them to win the battle of life. Or they are children of one of the gods but they are moral and have shape of normal human beings and must suffer during their lifetime and finally die brave. The heroes must struggle against the fear of death, in order to achieve the most perfect death, in this moment they count it as glory and achievement and record it in song to keep him alive in their culture, books, and mythology. hero are dead people.The most famous heroes in Greek mythology are Jason, Odyssey, and Theseus.

Jason was a hero with an unlucky childhood ,which his uncle took the kingdom and threw his father’s rule. Jason's father was Aiso an ancient Greece . vase painter of the red figure style. His uncle wanted to kill him but his mom told him that some one killed my son but she was actually lying and she hide him in cave with Chiron the Centaur who taught him how to hunt, gather food and fine art. His uncle promised him if he get the Golden Fleece i will give you the kingdome back. when he got older he went back to his uncle to claim his rights.he was also sent to capture the Golden Fleece.He set out with a band of the greatest heroes that the world has ever known and had a series of adventures worthy of epic.The witch media helped Jason to take the fleece.Both witch media and Jason returned to Argo and he proved his heroic challenge. Jason promised Media with love and protection, so he married her and made her a princess in Greek.


Odysseus was the tricky hero of the Greeks who was considered second to Ahillces by his people. People know him as a god of thieves. Odysseus was the one who came up with the idea of the Trojan Horse . This idea was the reason of their victory against the Trojans who had no idea that the Greek soldiers were hidden in the wooden horses,so they won the battle and destroyed troy.Odysseus is a hero and a king of Ithaca whose adventures are the subject of Homer's odysseus. He also played a key role during the Trojan War.He also was one of the Greeks to reach his homeland of Ithaca and visite the Underworld to collect information about Greek mythology when the hero goes to the underworld, he is proving that he doesn’t care about death. He also it show respect to gods that they can put him to death in any second. After 10 years of war and 10 years of troubles at sea.Odysseus King of Ithaca and a celebrated warrior all his life.Odysseus proved his identity to Penelope and once again ruled his homeland.



Theseus founder-king of Athens, son of Aethra.Theseus was grandson of the king of troezen but first he had to prove his heroic traits to everybody. Theseus was raised by his mother. When he became 16 his mom told him that ur dad is one of the gods so u need to pass the test so you be the hero.The test was carrying a huge rock, of course he was able to do that but with his brain not his muscles. Through his life Theseus had a lot of adventures and he always used his intelligence to solve the problems that faced him.Theseus was the hero of Athens who saved the people from having to send off their sons and daughters as human sacrifices to the monstrous Cretan Minotaur. With the help of the creature's half-sister, Ariadne, Theseus was able to slay the monster and find his way out of the labyrinth. He took Ariadne with him when he left, but abandoned her to a better fate and caused his own father, the king of Athens, to commit suicide.In later life he became king of Athens and a famous warrior.In order to construct a literalistic biography, a vita. Plutarch's sources, not all of whose texts have survived independently.

Impact of story

The Greek mythology had a bunch of heroes who always saved their land from suffered during their lifetime to protect the common people. In addition these heroes are usually sons of gods or kings who are married to gods which they will have an immoral decent.By the time these heroes became a literacy figure or civilization examples about Greek culture. Odysseus,Jason, and Theseus are the most famous heroes in Greek mythology who reflected the heroic, powerful, creative literature during the Greek civilization.

Course Literature

Heroes in Greeck Mythology are the people who saved the country there is alot of Heroes but the best of them are Theseus and Herculus. Theseus we talked about him in class he have done alot for his country and jason too. Odysseus was the foundr of Trojan Hourse because of him they won the war. All of the heroes in greek mythology have done something for theire culture and also for the history of theire culture.
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